Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Angel mermaid

This is a graphite drawing symbolising love , It is approx A1 in size so quite large , Completed approx Dec 2009,

Friday, 18 September 2009

Bigbury Sept 09

Sunset at Bigbury 11th Sept 2009.

Sunset at Bigbury 11th Sept 2009.

This was taken after a beautiful day at Bigbury, after indian sun and barbacue with friends.


I have recently been taking alot of photos, this one is the glistening sea, Whitsand Bay, 13th Sept 2009,

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Latest work

This is a very large A1 pastel drawing which is going to be in my exhibition on the Barbican on 29th August-6th Sept at the Chestnut tree cafe, Plymouth, all works are for sale.

"Fleur blue"

"golden bloom"

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Open Sudios 2009- check it out

Drawn to the valley open studios29th Aug -6th Sept

Abstract watercolors

Here are some of the abstract watercolors that I do, some are going to be in my exhibition at the Chestnut tree cafe on the Barbican from the 29th August - 6th bSeptember 2009 , which I am preparing for now.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Digital sunflower

I have just been experimenting and having fun with photo manipulation, this is a sunflower.

My other favourite bird"the owl"

This is a watercolor I painted of my other favourite bird on owl. I love the way they stare with a knowing look, I find them facinating.


This is a watercolor painted in a field in my hometown Beaconsfield.

Friday, 31 July 2009


A mixed media representation called "enveloped".


This is a picture of a work in progress, although now completed. A watercolor of sunflowers . With this a poem.

Days end

Clouds like

fearful fire

Sunflowers beam

Portrush days

I lived in Northern I reland for a decade , this is a poem I wrote there.

Portrush days

A soggy bird on a fence

Flew away drying his wings

With the wind

Alone tree leafless

On a bare landscape

Claps hands

Together with the sky who cries AMB

Robin Redbreast

My favourite bird is the Robin Redbreast . As a child I always watched out for them in the garden. I love their beautiful red breasts there is something really cheerful about them .This is a watercolor I did from memory, I tried to capture their quiet presence.

The Robin

Winter having stirred

The little robin redbreast

Settles upon a post

Softly noble.

ABarnett 09

Drawn up in the clouds

This is a graphite drawing done on the spot. I climbed up a mountain to draw this, there is Mount Snowdon in the distance.

All the birds have flown up and gone;

A lonely cloud floats leisurely by

We never tire of looking at each other

Only the Mountain and I .

"Spirit whispers"

" I believe in the other side and the eternityof the soul. I believe our spirits make the round trip from this world to the other side many times, by our own choice, to learn and experience for the ongoing advancement of the souls God gave us. I believe that only a thin veil seperates our earthly dimension from the dimension of the other side." Sylvia Browne

Thursday, 30 July 2009

"Mother earth"

A mixed media image symbolising mother earth.

" Angel with no wings"

A mixed media image , figurative spiritual.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Another older image representing peace, mainly a celebration of the peace in Northern Ireland where I lived for a decade. Mixed media and collage.

Older work

My older work is very different, although I still worked in a variety of techniques the subject matter was mostly figurative. This image was a celebration of life and dancing, called "dancing free."

Saturday, 25 July 2009


This is my favourite tree drawing. I drew this at Mount Edgecombe Country Park in Cornwall.

Friday, 24 July 2009


I often develop monoprints , a one off print which can be drawn on glass and smudged with cloths.

Mixed media

I often use mixed media . This is a representation of roots from a tree, I have used inks , pastels and oil pastels.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


This watercolor is called "blue view" painted direct in landscape.


I love to use leaves in my artwork , this image called " beneath" is a mixed media painting which I also have done in pastels. As well as painting and drawing landscape I love to focus upon the close up detail of nature, an altered world, a magnifiation.

Lago Maggiore, Italy

This is one of my watercolors, painted direct in the landscape, again I have tried to capture the stunning light here.

Light on the sea at Rame

This is a sketch I did overlooking Rame , Cornwall, the sun was setting and the light was beautiful, I used graphite pencils on textured paper.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

A tree poem

My tree poem . A personification!


Blue twilight flowers

Do your reflected

Blossoms shine

Upon the evening dew

Do you smile at the wind

And bow to the moon?

Topsy turvy

This is a lino cut called topsy turvy , based on the intricate detail and pattern found inside a cabbage!


I often use pastels. This picture called "leafy myth" is based on leaves.


This watercolor is painted on a thicker more dense paper and gives a different impression.


One of my many watercolors. This is called "efflorescent".Painted prior to a pastel of the same.


The main core of my work is watercolors, I work direct from nature. I love this medium as it gives you a sense of freedom and unpredicatability.

Woodcuts continued

Another woodcut based upon a life drawing, printed by hand at home. This image is printed from a woodblock and is printed on handmade paper which has threads woven throughout the surface which capture the light.


As part of my MA in printmaking I worked on woodcuts for the first time. I represent here my love of swimming , but the figure stretched out is seen swimming in a sea of leaves. In doing this I tried to incorperate the elements of landscape in to the process.

Windstretch 2

This is an acrylic painting taken from the first drawing posted below.It is painted on canvas. The original inspiration was from Mount Edgecombe country park in Cornwall.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Angela Marie Barnett Art: Angela Marie Barnett Art

Angela Marie Barnett Art: Angela Marie Barnett Art


This life drawing "outstretched" is drawn with a very soft charcoal, you can create a very soft smudged effect using a cotton wool and an eraser to highlight areas.

Life drawing continued

This is one of my life drawings.

Life painting

Hi part of my work involves Life drawing and painting which I really enjoy and I think if you practice regularly improves your skills on the whole. I admit I should do this more often. Anyway here is one of my favorite life paintings , painted in watercolor direct in a life class.

Angela Marie Barnett Art

Angela Marie Barnett Art

Angela Marie Barnett Art: Sunday July 13th 2009

Angela Marie Barnett Art: Sunday July 13th 2009

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Angela Marie Barnett Art: Angela Marie Barnett Art

Angela Marie Barnett Art: Angela Marie Barnett Art


Hi all , I am having difficuly with my blog , I dont think anyone knows about me but never mind , Im sure Ill get the hang of it soon. Here is more of my current work. I love to draw trees , I have a total facination for them . Here are a couple of my favourite drawings.This tree I called "raintree"as I drew it in endless rain .

Monday, 13 July 2009


An important element of my work is drawing . I often go into the landscape and draw direct. I also go life drawing which I really enjoy , I dont feel Im very proficient though. When I draw I use graphite pencils as you can create real depth in your work. This is a drawing which I sold drawn at Mount Edgecombe Park, its called "interlace"

St Ives

The other day I visited St Ives and was reminded how beautiful it is even in the rain . I took my camera with me and began wandering around the back alleys getting really lost.I suddenly came up on this stunning cat that was perfectly posing on this red gate, so I got my camera out. Typical , it was playing up . By the time I was ready the cat turned its back on me, but suprisingly a really cute dog of the house poked its head through the gatepost and looked straight at me as if to say what are you doing? Here he is.

This picture is done in pastels and is created direct from nature, I enjoyed creating this!!!Its called "efflorescent" and is one of my favourite recent images.

All this work is recent. One of my favourite images is a watercolor of sunflowers. I called it"flowers of the sun" Its Still at the framers!What do you think?